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Whether you're a hobby biker, semi-pro or real pro - every ambitious cyclist wants to optimize their performance, their training effect and their skills. Today, smart bike computers, modern heart rate monitors or cadence sensors should be an important part of the equipment of any cyclist who wants to get the best out of every training session. Here you can find out how Wahoo Fitness helps you and other Wahooligans bike more successfully than ever and what you need to get the most out of your bike training. 

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Things to know about Wahoo

Wahoo was founded in Atlanta in 2009, founder Chip Hawkins had decided that the time was right to finally make the connection between digitalization and sports. In order to create a successful connection, athletes needed intelligent solutions that allowed them to collect training data, but also to evaluate, edit and share those on their smartphones. Everyone, he thought, should be able to use those devices without needing a degree in computer science, so simple solutions and intuitive usability were at the top of his wish list. This plan has evolved into a wide range of bike trainers, trainer accessories and GPS tracking systems. As a result, the U.S. company today successfully connects bike training and digital solutions. 

For many bikers, especially ambitious road cyclists, it is no longer enough to know how long and how far their training rides are. Every training lap on the bike is meticulously recorded and evaluated, because this is the only way to efficiently improve performance. By the way, Wahoo’s fan base among amateur athletes and bike professionals is affectionately dubbed the "Wahooligans".

Wahoo Bike Computers and GPS 

A bike computer lets you track and optimize your workouts. You can monitor your speed, in combination with a heart rate monitor it is possible to add your personal fitness data into the equation. However, simple speedometers without navigational aid didn’t do for Wahoo, to live up to their reputation as a leading producer of smart bike gadgets, GPS navigation is of course a vital feature of all devices. Wahoo's bike computers can easily be connected to your smartphone or PC to read out data, record tours or use training apps. Many other apps can be used in connection with Wahoo’s Fitness Element GPS bike computer, for example Strava works perfectly with the system. 

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Wahoo bike trainers

Wahoo’s digital devices not only help you keep track of your outdoor training. To keep you fit during the cold season, Wahoo Fitness also offers training devices for home use. You can get training bikes or roller trainers that allow you to use your bike at home. The Kickr exercise bike is one of the manufacturer's top models. The bike trainer is a high-quality solution for performance-oriented indoor bike training that feels almost as if you were riding outdoors. Wahoo’s Fitness Kickr exercise bike supports digital training systems like TrainerRoad or Zwift, that way your next training session can happen online, but you still can compete with your friends.

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Wahoo Sports Watches

Sports watches are the perfect connection between an athlete’s body and training apps. Wahoo's fitness watch ELEMNT provides you with comprehensive information about your activity profile and your training status, it lets you monitor your workout and fitness status and helps you improve your performance. If you use it in combination with a cadence sensor and your favorite training apps, you’ll soon notice how your strength and endurance improve.

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Check out the wide selection of training products, heart rate monitors, bike navis or exercise bikes in our Wahoo Fitness brand store, it will make you too become a Wahooligan!

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