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Maxxis is one of the big players in the bicycle tire market. Maxxis’ tires have convinced bikers for over 45 years with their perfect grip and good puncture protection. The company from Taiwan is now the 9th largest tire manufacturer in the world with a production of over 50 million bicycle tires per year. Maxxis builds the perfect tire for every bike discipline, whether it’s BMX, cross-country, downhill, freeride, gravel, city or road bike - Maxxis guarantees you a high-quality tire. And of course, they make the matching tubes too.

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Things to know about Maxxis

The headquarters of the company Cheng Shin are in Taiwan, in the West the brand is known as Maxxis. Since 1967, tires for vehicles of all kinds are produced, Maxxis not only supplies bicycle tires, but also tires for cars, wheelchairs or quads. Today, Maxxis has around 22,000 employees.

Maxxis not only sponsors numerous professional cyclists, the brand is also active in disciplines where tires are needed only to arrive on time at the stadium. Apart from bikers and bike teams that regularly make their way to the podium on Maxxis tires, baseball teams, ice hockey teams and soccer clubs are supported. 

MTB tires made by Maxxis

In addition to MTB tires that have been around for ages, such as Minion DHR or High Roller 2, Maxxis now also offers the genuine race tire Assegai. It took more than two years of development until Maxxis could present this new tire as the signature tire of downhill legend Greg Minnaar and the result of many years of racing experience. The plan was to construct a mix between the tires Minion DHF and Minion DHR 2, a combination of good rolling characteristics and perfect grip in turns and on wet roots, as well as an aggressive braking performance characterize + Assegai. The result is a fast racing tire that offers a perfect performance in both dry and wet track conditions. In addition to numerous all-rounders, Maxxis also supplies special MTB tires for wet tracks, mud or grass.

Maxxis road bike tires

Test winners and champions, among Maxxis' road bike tires you will find both. Many of the road bike slicks ride at world-class level, Campione or Cormet for example. But there are also training tires and wet weather tires like Re-Fuse or Velocita, and of course the perfect tires for making top times in track races and time trials.

Cyclocross and Gravel

Their name Mud Wrestler says it all - tubeless or with an inner tube, this tire is meant for cyclocross racing as you imagine it. Quick and dirty. Rambler and Ravager, on the other hand, are versatile gravel tires, here you can find tubeless-ready versions, too, or buy nice tanwalls.

Buy Maxxis bicycle tires and tubes buy online

In addition to folding, clincher and tubeless-ready tires for a any kind of mountain bike, road bike or city and touring bike, we have other products ready for you in our Maxxis brand store, for example, the high-quality bicycle inner tubes in all sizes for children's bikes (12-inch to 24-inch) and for adults in 26", 27.5", 28 inch and 29 inch. All of them are durable and puncture proof. We are absolutely certain that you will enjoy every ride onMaxxis tires.

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