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Some bike builders enjoy sky-rocket success right from the start, others, well, … don’t. Diamant’s story is marked by many ups and equally many downs, today the brand is known for fine bikes that manage to combine historic forms and a very modern look. But it all started with stockings…

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Things to know about Diamant

The German bike manufacturer Diamant has a long and colorful history, but it’s origins have nothing to do with bicycles at all. In 1885 Friedrich Nevoigt lost his job in a factory that built machines that knit stockings. Instead of hanging his head, he took this as an opportunity make a new life for himself and started out manufacturing spare parts for knitting machines and nibs made of Diamant steel. In the 1890s, bicycles became a popular means of transport. Backed up by the huge demand and armed with his experience in processing steel, Nevoigt and his brother Wilhelm embarked on the production of steel bicycle frames.

Ups and downs - the company history

It was not until 1911 that the Nevoigt brothers had their company name "Diamantrad" and the accompanying "Köpfchen" logo protected. After a rather gloomy period during the First World War, when Diamant, like other steel-processing companies, was forced to produce armaments, the company was quickly able to pick up where it left off, and by 1922 Diamant was back to producing 55,000 bicycles each year. Because the two Nevoigt brothers were smart tinkerers with masses of ideas to boot, the company was able to register 12 patents just a few years later, most of which in some way or other made bicycles lighter. 

At this point, you probably want to know which innovative bicycle parts we were talking about in the beginning. To satisfy your curiosity... the double roller drivechain, which was introduced in Germany by Diamant in 1898, is still used on bicycles today. The bicycle lamp with candles as illuminants, however, was at some point no longer up to date, especially since the StVZO recently allowed the use of battery-powered bicycle lamps. 

To this day, it is entirely reasonable to consider Diamant's history eventful. There were various company takeovers, averted bankruptcies and lots of exciting, new products. One important step into the future was, for example, a first version of today's e-bike, that Diamant released as early as 1934. Back then, a delivery bike was equipped with a small Fichtel & Sachs motor – and a revolution in transport!

Today, Diamanrad belongs to the huge American bicycle manufacturer Trek, despite the acquisition Diamant (which means “diamond”, by the way) continues to produce under its own company name.

Diamant bicycles 

Today, Diamant bicycles are an established part of the bike-world, you will find them especially in the big cities and on bike tracks all over the place, and of course we carry Diamant bicycles in our Bike-Mailorder Onlineshop. We offer you many different Diamant bike models, there are leisure bikes such as trekking bikes or city bikes, urban bikes and e-bikes. The name of the product range reveals that looks are an important part of the design of Diamant’s bikes. While other manufacturers talk about the model year 2022 or simply their 2022 bikes, Diamant’s current bikes are called "Our 2022 Collection", and here is a small overview:

Diamant touring bikes

Diamant’s trekking bikes are the perfect material for classic overland rides. Spending weekends at the lake, a small round with your kids to the next ice cream parlor or even a longer ride or a big cycling tour - with Diamant trekking bikes anything is possible. Their modern design and the useful accessories make those trekking bikes a perfect companion for everyday life and leisure. 

Many of the touring bikes, like the steel bike Villiger, come with a great expedition kit. The geometry is a good compromise between speed and comfort, you get a rear rack and a strong front rack, so you can easily load up your bike with your overnight luggage. There are many other models suitable for everyday transport and leisure, you can choose between bikes with a frame triangle or easy step-through frames, and there are bikes in many different equipment variants. Elan is a very sporty trekking bike, while Ubari promises a lot of comfort on the road. 

Of many models you can choose a basic (and cheaper) version, followed by a DELUXE model, a GRAND DELUXE version and sometimes even a SUPER DELUXE edition. The bikes have different components and equipment, for example, they have different gearshifts or better braking systems. 

You will easily recognize Diamant’s e-trekking bikes marked by a +, in this year’s collection you will find the versatile Zing+ and the comfort cruiser Auris+

If you don’t want to weigh yourself down with a full trekking equipment and would rather ride a light, fast and sporty bike, you should take a look at the sports bikes. Models such as 247, Opal or Zouma will also cover large distances, but tend to be light fitness bikes or cross bikes. These bikes often start out with less equipment, but there are many mounting eyelets, where you can retrofit mudguards, bottle cages and luggage racks.

With 137, Diamant now also has a gravel bike with drop bars on offer.

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Diamant citybikes

Diamant’s citybikes are perfect for daily use around the city. A comfortable geometry and many accessories make sure you ride comfortably to the shops or to work.

Citybikes with a low-maintenance belt drive with an 11-speed hub gear or a 1x11 derailleur are perfect if you’re looking for a reliable no-worries ride. TYou can choose between many different models with a diamond frame and a high entry, or with a low easy-entry frame. All of Diamant's current city bikes bear the (German) name of a gemstone, Achat, Rubin, Beryll, Opal and Turmalin and the bikes live up to their shiny moniker. Many of them are available in a + version, i.e. as e-bikes.

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Diamant bikes for men and women

Diamantrad makes beautiful bikes that anyone who likes to ride in style will love! Clean urban bikes with a tidy exterior that is a real eye-catcher. Or slim steel bikes that bear the look of early racers. You can also buy lovely retro bikes for ladies and men, those models like 885 and Juna don’t simply cover the look of bikes from earlier times, they are based on real models that Diamant actually built in decades gone by, but their parts and technology are of course up to date. Diamant also makes Holland bikes and very comfortable leisure bikes.

Diamant makes models based on different frame shapes. You can buy them with a high-entry frame (i.e. "men's bikes") or with a low step-in (i.e. "women's bikes"). The distinction by gender is actually no longer used today, it rather makes a big difference in comfort and stability when hopping on and off your bicycle. No matter whether you’re a woman or a man, there is a particularly comfortable or a super-sporty bike for everyone. 

These bikes are a good choice for couples who want to buy the same bike in different frame shapes.

Diamant e-bikes 

If you want a little help when riding, you should consider buying one of Diamant’s e-bikes. With their powerful electric motors, the e-bikes provide just the support you need in everyday life or on extended bike tours. You will be surprised, how easily you will master even long tours and steep climbs. At BMO we offer you both, Diamant touring-e-bikes and e-citybikes - so you can combine all the advantages of both riding styles with the help of a drive unit. 

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Diamant collection bikes

If you are a fan of Diamant’s bikes, collect bikes or just want to buy a bike with a very distinct look, Diamant has something special for you. For several years now, there has been a new collection bike. Diamant has released a very special collector's bike every year that picks up the aesthetics of a model from past decades and spices this up with lots of modern technology. The collector’s editions include city bikes, steel racing bikes or steel touring bikes, all of them stand out from the crowd with their amazing and well-designed details. 

Right here in the BMO online store you can order many different models from Diamant’s bike collection, of course we also have their e-bikes for you. You can buy bike parts and lots of accessories here too, so you can set up your bike for your individual purposes. Of course, if you ride such a good looking bike, you should also stop by our bike clothing, especially if you ride longer bike tours wearing functional cycling clothing will make your day! And of course, a good bike helmet is the most important accessoire of them all!

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