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The idea that became the company Reverse Components popped up directly on the mountain bike trail in 2004. Every manufacturer has different ideas about what features should distinguish their products from those of other producers, and the idea of making durable bike components also drives other companies. Reverse, however, goes one step further, and makes bike parts not only durable, but at the same time the safest material available.

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Things to know about Reverse

The product portfolio of Reverse is huge and you will find a large selection of different bike parts in our Reverse brand store: Saddles, saddle clamps and accessories such as spacers and screws for example. Brake parts like calipers, rotors and brake pads are also available. Reverse sets up your cockpit with stems, handlebars, grips or handlebar end caps. In addition, drive train parts such as chain guides, axles, pedals, adapters and hubs are waiting for you. Of course, there are also seatposts and other accessories. Whatever you need for your slopestyle adventures, freeride tricks or downhill runs, Reverse delivers all the necessary parts. However, the unique selling point of Reverse’s bike parts is not the design or the function. 

Reverse delivers durable and safe mountain bike parts

The most important stop on the way to the bike store is the test lab, because that's where all parts are put through their paces under the toughest conditions. Those parts that make it through there have to prove in practical tests on the MTB track what they’re really made of. Only the parts that make it back to the company headquarters in the Black Forest from this ordeal go into production.

The Reverse MTB Racing Team

The list of team riders proves that Reverse is totally able to compete with the big names of the scene. For example, FEST Series co-founder Nico Vink is one of them, we have already tested his signature handlebars, grips and saddle. Nico Vink's influence on Reverse’s product development has ensured that the products last under the most extreme conditions. For a handlebar that survives 25 meter wide jumps – a typical trick seen at the Fest Series – rides in the bike park and on your home trail should be an easy exercise. 

Many manufacturers like to promise you a good quality! If you not only want to mount cool and durable bike parts on your mountain bike, but plan to invest in particularly safe and absolutely reliable bike parts, our Reverse brand store is the right place for you!

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