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STOP FCKING AROUND - this rather outspoken motto belongs to Rondo and perfectly describes road bike manufacturer’s philosophy. The popular Polish brand specializes in road bikes, cyclocross bikes and gravel bikes. Rondo’s developers are constantly on the lookout for solutions that combine a road bike’s speedy essence with everyday use, and so the high-quality bikes are among the most versatile drop bar bikes out there, thanks to Vario Geo and Twintip Forks. What that is?

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Things to know about Rondo

First there was a lot of enthusiasm for cycling, later came the idea of turning bikes into a career. You certaily can't accuse anyone at Rondo of not being committed to bicycles. The bicycle manufacturer based in Gdansk, Poland, is one of those bike makers who found a way to mix the highest demands on racing bicycles with a good portion of down-to-earthness. 

If you buy a Rondo bike, you can assume that it has been tested by the CEOs themselves. The heads of the company, the designers or the product managers - everyone who works at Rondo is an avid cyclist and so their daily bike rounds influence each step of the product development. All that commitment naturally results in international success. Not necessarily top positions in international racing, because Rondo’s bikes are not built for professional sports, but the brand is a favorite with cyclists who want to combine everyday cycling with competitive exercise. 

Road, Cyclocross, Gravel+Everyday

All the staff of Rondo Bikes ride their bikes to work. But they also like to spend their free time in the saddle. And they certainly don't mind curved handlebars – the majority of Rondo’s bikes have drop bars. But since road bikes are known to always take speed more serious than comfort, road bikes were pure racing material for a long time. Until Rondo stepped up to spice up the myth of road bikes and drop bars with a dose of versatility, everyday suitability and enough comfort for long distances. 

And so you will find on the homepage of Rondo Bikes, in addition to the abovementioned motto, a whole series of principles that they want to be represented in each model released:

Less talking. More Riding. 

Less Bullshit. More Performance.

Less Poetry. More Reality.

Less Excuses. More Motivation.


How does that work?

Less Talking. More Riding. Let's talk about road bikes!

The model selection is not huge, and it does not have to be, Rondo wants to stay connected to the idea of the classic road bike. Therefore, currently there are five models we would like to introduce. 

RUUT is a modern gravel bike that can be made ready for racing thanks to the "Variable Geometry". You can whip it to top speeds on asphalt. But it still offers enough stability for you to chase it over bumpy tracks. Depending on the model and equipment, you buy a robust cyclocross training machine or a solid trail companion. If you want to treat yourself to an exclusive road bike, you should keep an eye out for RUUT TI – not everyone rides a titanium frame! RUUT proved a bestseller in 2021, the 2022 version also has what it takes to win!

HVRT defines a bike the other way round - here you get a road bike with the option to convert it to offroad-ready. Rondo calls the breed Road Plus Bike. Since there was nothing to improve technically for the new season, the 2022 models score with exciting new color concepts. 

BOOZ: is a true urban bike. It is clean, fast and allows for the perfect handling that you need to be able to feel confident at any time in city traffic. By the way, Booz: is currently Rondo's only bike with a flat bar. You might not want to take the name too seriously, ‘tough, Booze and driving do not go together well, even if it's a bicycle you’re driving. 

MUTT. What a name! A street dog needs its teeth to survive. It's the same with this bike. The 2x gearshift (and lots of T) make the bike rideable on any terrain. There are hydraulic disc brakes, what else? 650b-47 tires will go anywhere. The clean cockpit is a real pleaser, the endurance geo is easy on your back and arms. 

Bogan, on the other hand, is Rondo’s globetrotter. There are more mounts than you can count, so that you can load it to the max before you ride it around the globe. As a typical expedition bike, it has an indestructible steel frame. The geo combines propulsion with comfort, after all, you want to arrive at some point, but without a herniated disc. The drivetrain is a successful mix of SRAM + Sunrace + custom.

Less Bullshit. More performance. Or: Versatility is the key!

When you buy a Rondo bike, one thing is guaranteed: Versatility. The makers behind the brand - you've already read it above - are enthusiastic gravelers. They like to participate in local races and drive long tours, but they also use their bike every day for the commute to the office. That's why Rondo bikes are built to meet the demands for all of these endeavors. But you don't need one Rondo bike for your multi-day gravel tour and another one for the way to work - every bike that Rondo designs can be used in many ways thanks to the Vario Geo

Many models offer plenty of tire clearance, which allows you to fit narrow, fast wheels for a race. If you head home over field and forest paths on the same bike after the race, you can do this on wider, grippy wheels with lots of profile. You can adjust your Rondo bike via tire setup to suit your trails/current use/weather/tar and gravel ... and just hop on and enjoy the ride. 

But a lot of tire space has been around for a while, so Rondo cooked up a new level of “versatile” ... On Rondo bikes you will find a Twintip Fork. To make it simple: You can mount your front wheel in two different positions. A higher position of the axle provides a steeper steering angle and less trail. In this super-sporty setup, you can crack top times. In the lower position, there is more trail and a flatter steering angle. The bike feels more stable and "good-natured". In this setup, it offers a comfortable riding position, even long distances can be covered comfortably. 

The dropouts are equipped in a similar way. Here, too, many Rondo models offer the possibility of adapting the position of the axles, this is the Vario Geo you've read about above.

Less Poetry - More Reality

It's nice for a change, when a manufacturer doesn't use a lot of flowery words to promote bikes that no one can afford anyway! Here, too, Rondo keeps its promise. Even for their carbon rides, prices remain reasonable and there are definitely inexpensive versions of each bike model. And when reality hits you along the track in the form of bad roads, potholes, and downpours, there's still enough money jingling in your pocket for a coffee and a treat. 

Bottom line: should you buy a Rondo bike?

Have you fallen for the charm of drop bars? And now you’re looking for a versatile bike for sport, touring, bikepacking and your everyday rides? You want to buy a cheap bike, a five-digit amount simply is too much? You still want to ride at top speeds and even lead in local races?

Then you’ve come to the right place. You can order Rondo’s bikes right here in the BMO online store. We have them all gathered up in the Rondo brand store, of course, but you can also find them among our road bikes, gravel bikes and city bikes. You can buy bike parts, spare parts, and bike accessories, frame sets are also available. 

Maybe you need an incentive to leave the car in the garage more and more often. Experience shows that a new bike works wonders here! Why? Less Excuses. More Motivation. That's why!

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