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Sounds like a great idea: everyone behind MAAP are passionate bikers. So protecting their favorite biking-grounds from a changing climate became their corporate goal. Their bike jerseys, pants and jackets show how very refined eco-clothing can look. We’ll also let you in on the secret that makes MAAP’s clothing sustainable, so just read further.

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Things to know about MAAP

Biking makes life better, so a handful of bike enthusiasts from all kinds of trades teamed up in Melbourne in 2014 in order to make biking gear. But even more important than their love for biking was the idea to make biking apparel eco-friendly. That sounds more simple than it really was, since most sports apparel is made from synthetic fibres, and synthetic fibres seldom grow on trees. This is where MAAP’s designers came up with a spectacular idea. Millions of tons of synthetic material already exist, someone just has to use them.

So MAAP (re)uses recycled materials and that way saves the planet’s resources. 

Eco-friendly cycling clothing

Already 95% of the fabrics that end up as MAAP cycling apparel consist of recycled fibers. They originate either from recycled fabrics or industrial waste. Apart from that, the dyeing process and the production of the garments are sustainable and clean, they also save water, keep emissions to a minimum and the use of toxic chemicals is out of the question. According to plan, by 2022 100% of the fibers will come from recycled materials

The biking jerseys, bibs or socks that are the outcome of the green production process are highly functional as well as durable and well-fitted. They also are very comfortable to wear and will look really good on you, so chances are you will enjoy wearing them for more than one biking season. 

MAAP’s focus clearly is on road biking gear. It will get you dressed from top to toe and from the outer layer right down to next to your skin. You can get anything from classic cycling caps to socks, from jackets to base layer shirts. There are also road cycling shoes and overshoes for rainy days. 

The company will outfit you with your daily caffeine fix too, as there is a MAAP special roast for bikers/coffee addicts, unfortunately it’s currently only available down under.

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