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The Swiss company Assos is an expert in the production of functional cycling clothing with a long history. Today, Assos is one of the leading manufacturers of road bike gear. Amongst the most-loved products are Assos cycling shorts for men and women. But accessories such as arm and leg warmers, headbands, caps, socks and base layers are also part of Assos’ large product portfolio.

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Things to know about Assos

The foundation stone of Assos was already laid in 1976, when the company started the revolution for more comfort on the bike - with cycling shorts made of functional Lycra material. With this material, the traditional cycling shorts material, consisting of a wool-acrylic mixture, was replaced and the success story of Assos began.

Over the years, the Swiss at Assos developed one milestone after the other. The first anatomically cut time trial suit for track cyclists, sublimation prints on cycling clothing, elastic cycling shorts inserts and of course the Assos Layering System, which is basically the onion layer principle in perfection. The Assos Layering System, ALS for short, is a technically advanced clothing system in which the different garments harmonise perfectly with each other and thus offer an optimal basis for braving cold temperatures or moisture. It doesn't matter whether you are cycling in summer or winter, because Assos clothing works in all seasons and in all weather conditions.

Assos attaches particular importance to the functionality of the cycling clothing and so it is hardly surprising that especially the cycling shorts for women and men benefit from different technologies:

The super-soft microfibre outer material in a waffle design ensures maximum comfort. Added to this is the extremely high breathability of the material. Special air holes in the front area of the material ensure effective cooling and promote air circulation. The two-layer memory foam supports the body and also provides improved cushioning. Assos' "GoldenGate" material framework allows the seat pad to literally float along while pedalling. This reduces the friction between the seat and the cycling shorts to an absolute minimum.

In our Assos brand shop you will find high-quality Assos products from the product categories bib shorts, shorts, jerseys, jackets, skin layers, socks, caps & headbands, arm warmers, leg warmers and body care at particularly low prices.

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