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Across the ocean and back again - that's how Fox's history reads on fast forward. The US company Fox Racing was founded back in 1974 and initially imported European motocross parts from Europe to the USA. Today, MTB gear "Made in USA" is all the rage in Europe. And here’s how it happened...

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Things to know about Fox Racing

Fox Racing is now considered one of the most influential companies in sportswear, but the story of success started with something completely different, a few motocross parts. The company’s founder Geoff Fox began buying motorcycle accessories from the old world for his store in Campbell, California, in1974. Soon he began developing some parts of his own - shocks - and the first Fox racing team was formed. Fox’s headquarter is still in California and family owned, it's now already in the hands of the second generation.

How Fox bike gear became a legend

The Fox motocross racing team was extremely successful. Unfortunately, when it comes to badass action on two wheels, it's hard to read what it says on the shocks. The solution was simple: colorful racing outfits sporting the company logo. The first pieces were sewn up quickly by hand, so that the riders could wear them on the race track as advertising. But the jerseys turned out to be real crowd pleasers, demand for the eye-catching garments quickly became just as great as the need for high-quality shocks, and so the clothing brand with the distinctive fox’s head logo was born. The MX parts were joined by MTB components, and the range of bike clothing also became bigger and bigger, making Fox a top producer of bike gear and bike parts under the names of Fox Shox (with the fox’s tail as its logo) and Fox Racing.

Mountain bikers love Fox!

Fox Racing today offers mountain bike garments for different disciplines. Whether you ride downhill, freeride, enduro or all-mountain, you will definitely find your bike kit at Fox. The clothes are not only super stylish and trendy, they always have a functional character. Everyone at Fox’s development department is a cyclist, also the collaboration with international top teams and world-class mountain bikers makes sure the biking tops and bottoms work perfectly. Among others, Loic Bruni, Paul Genovese, Chris Kovarik, Brett Rheeder, Connor Fearon, Finn Iles and many more ride for Fox Racing. The development department gets lots of feedback, and the functional products are improved with each new collection.

Check out Fox Racing not only when you’re looking for clothes, there is also a great choice of MTB safety gear. You will find helmets, protectors, gloves, goggles or knee pads in our Fox brand store. 

Function and style at Fox

When you ride in Fox Racing gear, you’ll not only look awesome, they also have a lot in store to keep you as comfortable as possible when in the saddle. All the fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking, and for freeriders, DH and Enduro there’s always that little something extra - robust fabrics that resist ripping and tearing. The shape of the jerseys and pants allows you maximum freedom of movement while riding, and there is always enough room for body armor. Clever details such as zippered pockets, integrated zip belts or vents, built-in protectors and robust fabrics not only improve your safety, they significantly extend the life of your clothes and bones! And don’t forget to stock up on rainwear and warm cycling jackets for the off-season!

Ride safely with Fox helmets and bike protectors!

Fox Racing wants to prevent you from getting hurt, that’s why they offer a huge selection of body armor. In addition to knee pads, Fox also offers elbow pads, protector pants, safety jackets and gloves. 

Of course, there is also a wide selection of helmets. Whether you are looking for a regular MTB helmet or a fullface helmet, you should definitely check out Fox's biking helmets. There are simple and cheap MTB helmets that are perfect for you if you don’t want to get too crazy out there or hop on your bike only every now and then, but you can also shop for racy, lightweight, super-safe MIPS carbon helmets. Fox also provides a matching pair of glasses or MTB goggles.

Unfortunately, you can’t be in the MTB’s saddle all the time. To prevent you from developing withdrawal symptoms at school or at the office, we have Fox Racing casual streetwear for you, that way you can wear your favorite brand not only on, but also off the track. In the Fox Racing brand store on Bike Mailorder, you will find caps & hats, t-shirts and sweaters & hoodies. There are also lots of biking accessories.

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