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You don’t have to be a bike repair whiz in order to benefit from Topeaks huge product range. But every household that owns a bicycle should at least have a bicycle pump. Topeak supplies air pumps. And also bicycle bags, bike baskets, rear racks or bike lights. And safe child seats or bottle holders. Bikepacking bags and saddles? They make those, too! From multitools that fit in your pocket to equipment for professional bike workshops, Topeak makes anything you need to keep your bike in a good running condition. They’re no strangers to groundbreaking ideas, either, their "Survival Tool Box" is proof of that!

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Things to know about Topeak

For all commuters, roadrunners, MTB nuts or leisure cyclists and also for all those who like to sleep rough during bikepacking holidays - good tools and bike accessories are always good to have, they make your life on two wheels not only more comfortable and easier, but also a lot safer! And Topeak is certainly no insider’s tip when it comes to bicycle aftermarket producers. Since the company was founded over 30 years ago, the manufacturer of tools, bags and other bike accessories stands for innovation, quality and thoughtful product design. The air pumps, multitools and assembly stands are among the best on the market. The company is at home in Taiwan, it is considered the largest manufacturer of bicycle accessories in the world. Taiwan, being the heartland of bicycle production, is the perfect location for Topeak's business model. Topeak is responsible for the development and design, that way ensuring a great quality. However, the company does not manufacture a single product. Over 70 contractors in the region are assigned with the production, so, above all, the low price policy can be kept up permanently.

Prepare to ride 

is the motto of the company. And how well it fits, too! Thanks to Topeaks bike accessories and tools your bike is always ready for new adventures, after all!

Approved value for money

The list of design and product awards Topeak took home is about as long as your arm. reddot design awards, Eurobike Awards, product tests or the practical tests of renowned bicycle magazines - Topeak’s bicycle bags, air pumps or lamps have convinced juries for years. Not only individual products won awards, again and again whole product ranges have been named "Best Brand". For example, from 2001 to 2011 the "Best Tool Brand Award" of Mountain Bike Magazine from the USA went to Topeak. 

Topeak saddlebags and back loaders

Many performance oriented bikers find bike bags rather uncool. Saddlebags, however, have managed to become fully accepted on mountain bikes and road bikes, Topeak supplies those and also has a proprietary click system for their attachment on offer. For extensive tours, we recommend mounting Topeaks back loaders (panniers) on your rack, also handlebar and frame bike bags are great storage options. If you also use front loaders (front panniers), you can comfortably store everything you need for a long tour. Especially for gravel or bikepacking tours, Topeak’s robust bike bags are highly recommendable. The durable outer materials keep the content dry in bad weather conditions and survive even crashes on rough gravel.

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Bike pumps made by Topeak

One of Topeak's most popular products is a bicycle pump. From handy mini pumps to help you out while on the road to floor pumps with a massive output, you'll find everything you need to fight insufficient tire pressure! CO2 mini inflators are especially easy to use, just don’t forget to stock up on cartridges! For suspension forks and frame shocks, of course we also supply the necessary shock pumps. By the way, Joe Blow is the name of Topeaks flagship-pump that is almost a legend among bike air suppliers.

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Topeak tools for every cyclist

Bike tools make up a huge portion of Topeak’s products, the company offers a great choice of products in this section, and for good reason. For other manufacturers of bicycle accessories, there are "only" mountain bikes or just road bikes, and nothing else matters. Topeak’s different. Every cyclist is welcome here! It does not matter whether you custom build a gravel bike yourself, want to maintain your carbon steed, or whether all you want is to mount a child seat to your old city bike – Topeak has the tools you need for it!

By the way, Topeak has written cycling history with its tools: The Survival Gear Tool Box, released in 1991, was a collection of tools that could help fix all kinds of breakdowns on the road. It could be attached directly to the frame in a small box, today it is considered one of the first bike-specific multitools! The box set has undergone several makeovers, but in its revised form you can still buy it today, with a total of 23 tools packed into the small toolbox, weighing in at only 233g. Allen wrenches, multi-tooth wrenches, ring wrenches, chain riveters, tire levers and spoke wrenches are just a few of the tools that the set contains. You can order the “survival kit” right here in the BMO online store.

To help you quickly find what you're looking for, all the bike tools here at Bike Mailorder are sorted by fields of application. There are tools for the drivetrain, brake tools or tools for the gear shift, also the necessary tools for wheels and tires are available. From extensive tool sets to small multitools, here do-it-yourselfers will find everything their heart desires! 

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Topeak stands for innovation

Now you might think there is already the right bike tool for every kind of bike repair – nothing to improve, everything remains as it is. Well … no! For the 2022 season alone, Topeak has revised more than 50 of its products or released new articles to the market. Lighter, more precise, more easy to use ... there is always room for improvement, Topeak likes to stay on top of the game!

You will find a great choice of Topeak’s bike accessories here in our brand store, we always have a large selection of Topeak products ready at great prices for you. You can order bike tools, bags, pumps and many other bike accessories conveniently and cheaply online. There are plenty of accessories for tubeless tires and bike parts such as mudguards or racks. By the way, Topeak has developed a whole range of products specifically for e-bikes. So ... prepare to ride!

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