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The yellow brakes from Germany are probably a household name for every mountain biker. The disc brakes from Magura regularly score top marks in tests and are among the best bicycle brakes on the market. In addition to disc brakes, Magura also makes seat posts and accessories for brakes.

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Things to know about Magura

The black "M" on a yellow background has stood for the highest precision and quality since 1893. The products from the house of Magura convince with high-quality workmanship and perfect performance. The MTB disc brake Magura MT7 is one of the best mountain bike brakes in the world. The combination of fine dosage and biting braking power makes it unbeatable in comparison with other disc brakes. It's no wonder that athletes like Danny MacAskill and Fabio Wibmer equip their bikes with Magura brakes, because their riding is all about maximum precision and brutal stopping power. 

The impressive braking systems naturally include accessories such as brake discs, brake levers and various brake pads. The ergonomically shaped brake levers take the overall braking performance to the next level. The Swabians also have no need to hide in the sector of brake discs. With the MDR P, the manufacturer brings for the first time a disc with a full 220 mm diameter. The result is 10% more braking power than models with 203 mm diameter. The wear of the brake pads is also reduced by about 15%. Magura makes it clear with this product that they are not resting on old successes and are also setting the pace significantly in development.

In addition to the very good disc brakes for mountain bikes, Magura also offers other bicycle components. One of the most innovative products is the Dropper Post Vyron elect. The electronic and thus wireless Vario seat post is one of the bike parts of the future. Many companies are researching electric bike parts, Magura has proven with the height-adjustable seat post Vyron elect that they are also one of the leading manufacturers in this sector.

In our brand store of Magura you will certainly find the right brake. Disc brakes, clamps, bleed kits, matching brake pads and adapters we also have ready for you.

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