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For 25 years, everyone at Ghost has loved and celebrated bikes. The German bike manufacturer makes gravel bikes, trail bikes, e-bikes, urban bikes and mountain bikes that are known for their reliability and good quality. And it doesn't matter whether you only mount your bike every now and then, if you ride semi-professional or participate in races, you will find the bike you love amongst them. But Ghost’s story starts – like so many others – with a problem…

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Things to know about Ghost

In the nineties, two bike enthusiasts were searching for the perfect bike. Apparently in vain, because in the end they grabbed a monkey wrench and opted for a DIY solution –in 1993, they began building the bikes that they hadn't been able to buy in their garage. Given such a humble start, founders Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald might have been a little surprised by their success, but Ghost soon turned into one of the most popular bike brands from Germany. These days, Ghost is part of the Dutch Accell Group, where many well-known bike brands are gathered, 330 employees work at several sites all over the place, while the company’s headquarter is still in Waldsassen, Germany. Ghost delivers 150 000 bikes each year (counted in 2020).

Sporty bikes made by Ghost

Ghost makes all kinds of bikes and there are bikes in every size and shape imaginable, all of them tend to be more athletic than casual. You can use one for your everyday life in the city, ride steep mountain slopes, hit difficult trails or your local bike park – Ghost´s Hardtails, E-Bikes, fully suspended MTBs, gravels and even the kids’ bikes serve all kinds of purposes. In 2020, Ghost’s catalog featured 180 bikes in 20 different categories, price ranges and configurations. Lots of choice for you to pick your new bike from, as you can see!

Ghost childrens’ bikes 

Let's start with the little ones: Ghost builds a tiny push bike named Powerkiddy, on which toddlers can set out to explore their surroundings on 12” wheels. From wheel sizes 12” to 16” you can buy “real” kid’s bikes named Powerkid, bikes Kato and Lanao with 20” wheels or bigger are sporty bicycles that are very similar to grown-up’s hardtails.

Ghost E-Bikes

No bike portfolio is complete these days without all kinds of e-bikes, so of course, you will find a nice choice of them amongst Ghost’s bikes. The trekking e-bikes, e-mountain bikes and city e-bikes are each based on the non-motorized version, so they are comparable in terms of features and riding characteristics. However, it is so much easier to ride them, after all, that is what their electric drive is for. 

You can go on an adventure on the e-enduro E-Riot, this full-suspension bike comes with a snappy Performance Line CX engine by Bosch that has enough power for challenging tours on technical terrain. If versatility is more important to you than huge amounts of suspension travel, you should check out E-Riot in the AM version (All Mountain) or set off with Hybride, the trail bike, or the excellent E-Riot Trail version. E-Teru is a great mix of MTB capabilities and touring e-bike distances, it is a classic SUV and comfortable enough for long rides, but still rideable on dirt roads or forest trails. 

Road Rage – Ghosts Gravel Bikes

As quick as a road bike, as all-terrain as a mountain bike, as functional as a touring bike – gravel bikes are probably the most versatile bikes money can buy. Road rage displays Ghost’s idea of gravelling, you can buy it in different set-ups that promise fun for hours on end. There is a gravel and offroad-version, it comes with lots of tire clearance and a gravel-specific groupset, but you can also choose a speedier version with a road groupset and slim hoops, that will add some zing to your acceleration.

You can strip your Ghost gravel down to the bare minimum, if you want, and make it faster, lighter and aerodynamic. But you can also mount all the touring equipment you like and set it up for your everyday rides or longer tours. If you like to take it trail-riding, you can even add a dropper post. 

Ghost Square Bikes – comfy or sporty?

Ghost’s leisure bikes go by the name of Square, they are perfect for you if you like to ride your bike around your home town every day or if you plan to spend some quality time outdoors and on two wheels. Square Urban is a beautiful, clean urban bike, its key features are the things it does not have. All components are simple, practical and durable, the bike is perfect for you if you want a stylish, yet reliable, no-worries bicycle. Square Cross is based on the same principles, the basic equipment is mounted on a light aluminum frame, the geometry makes the riding position a little lower and faster, perfect conditions for everyday riding and exercising. Square Trekking, on the other hand, is a very comfortable bike, after all, bike trekking means long hours in the saddle. Bike trekking also means not always knowing where you’ll end up or what conditions you’ll be cycling in. Being a good touring bike, so Square Trekking has all the equipment you might need out there such as lights, fenders, and racks for your luggage and panniers. 

Ghosts Hardtails and fully-suspended mountain bikes

We’ve saved the best for last, let’s talk about Ghost’s MTBs. There are MTBs that serve a specific purpose such as the dirt bike Nirvana. Others work for all kinds of fun, the allrounder Riot in the AM (AllMountain) Version being one of them. Trailbikes Riot Trail or Kato FS are two more examples for versatile, fully suspended mountain bikes. We can't go into too much detail here, but we’d like to take a closer look at one of Ghost’S MTBs, the legendary CX-hardtail Lector FS. 

Lector FS is a true racer, meaning it’s lightweight, has a fast, aerodynamic geometry and readily generates speed. You don’t have to go racing on your Lector, but you certainly could! The hardwearing alloy frame is very efficient, but still comfortable enough for longer drives, thanks to its SuperFit-Geometry, Ghost’s frame construction that guarantees a comfy fit and good control. There are different equipment packages that make Lactor either high-class or affordable or something in between, top versions having either Di2 or SRAM Eagle X0 groupsets or fine RockShox suspension forks with 100mm or 120mm (depending on the frame size) that help you tackle any kind of terrain. Lector is the bike Ghost’s Racing Team rides to work, you can simply buy the World Cup Replica edition and feel like a champion. 

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Does Ghost make the perfect bike for you?

Are you looking for a good quality, durable and rather sporty bike? Then you should certainly pick one of Ghost’s e-bikes or bikes! You will find many mountain bikes, gravel bikes or touring bikes right here in our Ghost brand store, where you can simply order your new bike online.

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