Bikes and mountains - BiXS creates the perfect connection between the two. The passion for bikes in combination with the Swiss Alps as a home base is the perfect prerequisite for a range of first-class MTBs, city bikes and e-bikes. Innovative manufacturing and modern technology promise great functionality that won't let you down, whether with "E" or without, and wherever you are on the road. 

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Things to know about BiXS

Swiss engineering know-how is a solid basis for a bicycle manufacturer. When you add to that a passion for cycling and some uncompromising commitment to performance, great things are about to happen. What you find in BiXS’s product portfolio works and performs. The selection of bikes for off-road, road, mountains and the city will take you out for a spin, in Switzerland and elsewhere. 

Off-road or road?

BiXS supplies a wide range of mountain bikes for training sessions and competitions that will take you straight towards the podium. Enduros for some hearty off-road, dirt jumpers for maximum air time. Trail bikes for ... well, trails, what else? Smart XC winners. Fully suspended bikes for the rough stuff and hardtails that work superbly when you need to get from A to B quickly.

But you don’t always have to be down for competitive sports and on the hunt for a major adrenaline rush, every now and then everyday life kicks in, and that’s when you need an "Active Bike". BiXS builds bikes that work on the way to school or the office during the week, and love to travel down the home trail with you after work. 

But mountains have more to offer than just crazy off-road rides. If you really want to put your fitness to the test, take on the famous alpine mountain passes. Bottom to top, of course. A road bike is the best choice to do this because it is lightweight and designed for efficiency - ideal for converting every watt into altitude. Alpine passes also push you to your limits the other way round – downhill – in a completely different way, however. Here you can find out just how much speed you can stomach before the urge to hit the brakes kicks in. The balanced, sporty Swiss-made road bike gives you the confidence you need to test your downhill speed limit. 

But even if you're not drawn to the trail, towards the summit or from one peak performance to the next, you'll find what you're looking for at BiXS. Simply enjoy an active day on your e-bike or city bike

BiXS + BMO is a family thing

Just like BMO and iXS, BiXS is part of the Hostettler Group, and we are delighted to be able to offer you the bikes here in the store.

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