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Dirt Bikes

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Soda Slopestyle - 2018 NS Bikes
Soda Slopestyle - 2018
Sam pilgrim choice for big courses, this slopestyle / dirt bike that can go where hardtails are just not enough. The heart of the bike is a burly frame with a concentric BB pivot system. The bike can be run in single speed mode or can be...
€ 2.124,90 *
Clash Junior 24" Hardtail - 2018 NS Bikes
Clash Junior 24" Hardtail - 2018
Perfect for playing in the city, off-road and on pumptracks. Learn how to bunnyhop, rail berms or clear your first small doubles. These fun machines are built with the same DNA as the dirt and mountain bikes by NS and come in...
€ 679,90 *
Melt Dirt Bike - 26 Zoll - Grey Octane One
Melt Dirt Bike - 26 Zoll - Grey
The Melt dirt bike is lightweight and strong with geometry derived from the NS frames used by the FMB World Tour riders. Behind the simple looks you can find nice tech details such as custom shaped and butted tubes, custom shaped fully...
€ 699,00 *