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Gabel / Dämpfer Pumpe Rock Shox
Fork / Shock Pump
Precise RockShox Fork / Shock Pump with pressure gauge. Fits for all suspension components with schrader-valves. Features: - 360° rotatable - Drain valve - Ergonomic Grip-points Specs: Head: Shock-Valve (without any drain) Pressure: 20,6...
€ 25,90 *
Topeak - Pocket Shock DX G shock pump Topeak
Topeak - Pocket Shock DX G shock pump
The update of the precise mini-damper pump comes with a generous display to read air pressure up to 24.8 bar / 360 psi. The air release knob and the Pressure-Rite valve connection facilitate adjustment and prevent air from escaping when...
€ 29,90 *
Gabel / Dämpfer Pumpe 600 psi Rock Shox
Fork / shock pump 600 psi
Fork / shock pump black Precise RockShox vapors pump with pressure gauge. For all spring elements with Schrader valve. features: - 360 ° rotatable tube. - Drain Valve - Pressure gauge with psi and bar - Ergonomic handle Head: Shock-valve...
€ 32,90 *
SAM Dämpferpumpe SKS
SAM shock pump
The new shock pump SKS SAM (Suspension Air Mechanic stands for) is tour, with the design of a mini pump. The swiveling hose connection is reinforced with steel braided weave, making for a maximum pressure of about 25 bar perfect sense....
€ 29,90 *
Zacoo Macht shock pump, 300PSI, 1" gauge Birzman
Zacoo Macht shock pump, 300PSI, 1" gauge
The Zacoo Macht is a small size, easy to carry shock pump. The pump’s Aluminum construct is compact and aesthetically appealing. The easy-to-read analog pressure gauge and pressure bleed button allows precise air pressure adjustments....
€ 38,90 *
Federgabel Dämpferpumpe GS-01 Giyo
Fork and Damper Pump GS-01
Specifically designed for air-damped forks and rear shock (inflated to 300 psi or 21 bar). Patented valve head ensures minimal air loss when solved. Micro-adjustment knob allows fine tuning good. Legible display in psi and bar. Image is...
€ 22,90 *
Pressure Rite Dämpferpumpenkopf-Eckstück Topeak
Pressure Rite Dämpferpumpe capita corner piece
Body: Brass Check valve: yes Dimensions: 2.5 x 1 x 3.8 cm Weight: 15 g
€ 9,90 *
USP Dämpferpumpe SKS
USP shock pump
features: - Precision gauge with 0,2 bar division - Max. Deviation only 2.5% - Pressure release button - In high-quality wooden box - Valve connection for Auto- / Schrader valve - Scope of supply without special adapters, sold separately...
€ 49,90 *
Topeak - Tasche für Pocket Shock DXG Pumpe Topeak
Topeak - Pocket for Pocket Shock DXG pump
The safe solution for your Pocket Shock DXG. Weight: 46 g Material: hardshell, plastic
€ 12,90 *
MicroShock Dämpferpumpe Topeak
MicroShock shock pump
Topeak - Micro Hock shock pump The lightest and most compact suspension pump in the world. Pumps up to 300psi with ease.
€ 17,90 *
Topeak - Shock'n'Roll Dämpferpumpe Topeak
Shock'n'Roll Shock pump
Shock'n'Roll Topeak bicycle pump is a pump for dampers and tires. The pump can be adjusted by high / low pressure selector and has a capacity of up to 20.7 bar.
€ 53,90 *
Hochdruck Dämpferpumpe Con-Tec
High Pressure Shock Pump
Premium high-pressure pump for air shocks and forks. features: - Aluminum body - Schrader valve - 360 ° rotatable hose - Pressure regulation through pressure release button - manometer
€ 26,90 *
Zacoo Zama Federgabel- / Dämpferpumpe Birzman
Zacoo Zama shock pump, 300PSI
Hochwertig verarbeitete Federgabel- / Dämpferpumpe ohne Manometer aus Aluminium. Kompaktes, ästhetisches Design und starke Pumpkraft aufgrund des verlängertem Hubes. Mit Schrader Ventil und Air-Lock Funktion, um Luftverlust beim...
€ 25,90 *
Zacoo Salut Federgabel- / Dämpferpumpe Birzman
Zacoo Salut shock pump, 300PSI, 1,6" gauge
With its large gauge the Salut is a real professional tool for tuning the spring elements. The long tube is free to rotate so that each position can be pumped out practically what facilitates pumping of abnormally positioned dampers. The...
€ 50,90 *